Day One is In the Bag. Get Ready for Day Two!

I don’t know about all of you, but I had a blast yesterday!

Yes, it’s true, organizing a WordCamp is a ton of work. A TON! And in my experience, things just happen that you cannot prepare for. For me, yesterday was a lot of running around, making sure people knew where they had to go (sorry for posting the schedules outside of the rooms a bit late – won’t happen today), and doing my best to put out any fires that might come up throughout the day. Fortunately, there really weren’t many.

What I saw yesterday was three rooms, full of people, engaged audiences, and speakers covering interesting topics. A lot of smiles, and a lot of fun.

As far as the after party. . . Could we have asked for better weather or a cooler place? Nicole did a fantastic job putting it together (she also created those really cool record decorations). Great conversations were had, and I suspect there was some fun karaoke’ing going on after (I bowed out of that one).

Today, I expect the mood to be more subdued, as the Sunday of a WordCamp typically is. But having said that, I am super excited about the content that will be shared today. Whether it’s Jamie’s Immersion Track, JJJ talking about things that only JJJ can, or Erica Conway’s talk on how to package yourself for success (one I am particularly interested in), I know you’ll find today an invaluable learning experience that you’ll take with you.

As always, if you see me buzzing around the hallway, have any questions or concerns, or just want to say ‘hi’, don’t hesitate to stop me. The same is true for any of the fine folks in blue “Volunteer” WordCamp Milwaukee shirts. We’re all here to make sure that YOUR WordCamp experience is awesome!

So, with that all said, I’m packing my things and will see you all down there!


WordCamp Milwaukee 2016 2nd (and Final) Round of Speakers Announced!

And here we go!

Tracy Apps

Erica Conway:
Title: to Be Determined
Subject: How to help you stand out to clients

John James Jacoby

Julie Kuehl: “CSS Sanity with Sass and the Inverted Triangle Approach”

Dwayne McDaniel: “Pricing Strategy and Planning for Agencies”

Kevin Barnes & Megan McGee: “Bringing Clients into Every Step of the Website Process”

Geoff Myers: “Importing, Exporting, Moving and Synchronizing Data in WordPress”

Tonya Mork: “Programming is Easy, Once You Master…”

Chad Mowery: “Why It’s Not Your Host’s Fault”

Andy Nathan: “Turning WordPress Into a Lead Generation Machine”

Shanta Nathwani: “Facet-nating!”

Brad Parbs

Steve Persch: “Why Your Site is Slow”

Michelle Schulp: “DIY Design: Think Like A Designer When Creating Your Site”

The full schedule will be announced shortly! Looking forward to this year’s great lineup of speakers!