Leon’s Frozen Custard

LeonsIt’s a bit of a drive from the venue, but one of the things that Wisconsin is known for is its custard. And one of the best places to go for custard is Leon’s. Located on 27th Street in Milwaukee, it’s been a mainstay since 1942 and, rumor has it, was one of the landmark food establishments that served as the inspiration for “Al’s Diner” in “Happy Days.”

The prices are reasonable, and the fare is basic, as it always has been. But it’s out of this world good and it’s worth the Uber trip, especially on a hot night. You can read all about Leon’s on their website: http://leonsfrozencustard.us/

They are located at 3131 S. 27th St, and you can visit them online at http://leonsfrozencustard.us. Maybe, if you’re bored, you can offer to re-do their site in exchange for a lifetime supply!